Centre for Polymer Technology
Contributing to the competitiveness of our clients through innovative technological solutions and services
Providing a confidential one-stop service, from an initial concept to final product Specializing in failure analyses, product development and the
testing of polymers
Consultation for failure analyses and process problem solving.
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Taking processes or components from design through to production utilising modern methods.
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Testing is conducted according to International Standards for Polymer materials.
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What our clients are saying

10 out of 10 for the service I received from CPT - Thank you
Charles Langeveld Optima Solutions
I would like to thank CPT, especially Francois Prinsloo, for the outstanding service they provided to our company. Francoise was kind, efficient and gave us great advice. CPT helped us find the perfect manufacturer for our product, at a rate even cheaper than our previous manufacturer! Thank you CPT, you are the best!
Francoise Le Marrec, General Manager DrTemp
Skilled personnel providing high quality technical support. Thank you.

The Centre for Polymer Technology is an independent laboratory that specializes in polymeric analysis, ranging from general quality control and problem solving to innovative product development and failure investigations on finished products.

Our mission is to provide our clients with accurate results from our evaluations using best available practice. The laboratory staff are trained to do analyses and evaluations to ISO, SANS and manufacturers specifications as well as associated national and international specifications.

The role of CPT for the plastics products and polymer industry

A general requirement in the polymer industry is to retain good product quality whilst keeping a competitive market related selling price.

A polymeric product could fail prematurely or degrade from outdoor exposure; it may have undesired surface appearances or not function as designed. If the product does not perform as expected, or the production cost are too high one may be concerned and need assistance.

The role of CPT is to assist, provide results and advise.

All our staff have specialized Polymer Technology qualifications and have gained a wide range of experience in the polymer industry. We have highly sophisticated equipment and are able to analyse materials and their characteristics. We do quality control analyses; identify material compositions, and offer formulation advice.


Corrosion inhibitors when added to corrosive environments will drastically reduce corrosion rates. Vapour phase corrosion inhibitors or volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) also called vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VPIs), are similar to the organic adsorption type inhibitors, but they possess a high vapour pressure. VCIs are transferred to the surface of the metal to be protected by a sublimation and condensation process.

The VCI-service center will offer advice, source products and test VCI-products.

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